Studio Musicians

We have an on-call staff of musicians and background singers of all type. These are Studio Musicians and Singers that read, write, and do the music the way you want it done. You can use your own musicians and we can add the extras from our staff.

jim Jim Abbott, Engineer and guitarist. Getting just the right sound.
Gary Turley Gary Turley, one of the best lead guitarists (rythm and bass). Gary is one of the best Country guitar pickers on the scene. His talent is not restricted to Country though, he can do it all.
Jerry Phelps Jerry Phelps, Excellent Steel Guitar Player
Jodi_McWilliams Jody has worked for the Studio for about 10 years and does a excellent job as a background vocalist. She reads & writes music as well as chart. (Nashville Charting system)
Pete on Bass Pete Aristoranes is an extremely versital musician. An excellent lead guitarist, bass player and drummer to name a few.
Jerry Adams Jerry Adams is a very good steel guitar player. He also plays keyboard.

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