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Our digital Studio and the way your Recording is produced

Heartland Recording Co.’®s studio is a pure digital recording studio. There are no noises created by tape or any other devices that are common to analog recording equipment. Every line in our studio is balanced and shielded to further enhance noise control. We start your recording in our sound proof studio where you are not subjected to outside noises such as airplanes, trucks, or thunderstorms just to name a few. From our sound proof studio, we record your electronic instruments direct, or your acoustics with our high-end microphones that are designed to accommodate a particular instrument straight into our digital DM2000® recording console.

[Yamaha’s DM2000 Digital Recording Console] It took a while, but at long last the seminal standard of digital sound - 16 bits at 44.1 kHz - has seen its day ... at least on the production front. We've seen bit depths of 18, 20, and 24 at sampling rates of 48 kHz, and sometimes higher, come and go, but now the entire industry has its sights set on one formula that is the future of digital sound: 24 bits at 96 kHz. Now we really do have a digital standard that delivers the smooth, natural sound of analog recordings without the attendant disadvantages. And, in the same way that the Yamaha DMC1000, 02R and then the PM1D revolutionized the fledgling field of digital mixing as it grew in rapidly increasing leaps and bounds throughout the last decade, the Yamaha DM2000 Digital Production Console is ready to define the industry standard for the forseeable future. But the DM2000 is much more than simply a high-performance digital mixer, it is a total production tool that also offers 96-kHz effects, advanced surround production facilities, extensive integrated DAW and machine control, computer and memory-card based data management, an extraordinarily flexible bus system with digital patching, inserts, and much more.

Your vocals are recorded using state of the art vocal microphones such as our Neumann 147, Audio Technica 4033, AKG Tube, or many others to choose from to get just the right sound for you. Our Yamaha DM2000® is the next junction in our recording process. Here we set the gain on all inputs so as to get your levels just right. We can add effects for your pleasure to hear back in your individual head sets or monitors while the recording process is going on. Your input is actually going to our Digidesign HD-192® digital recorders dry so we can process your recording still uncontaminated. Then, we use the latest in digital recording programs, namely Pro Tools HD, where we mix your recording by listening through our Mackie® monitoring speaker system. We then add any amounts of hundreds of effects by adding just the right effects to make your project sound your very best. We even have: TC-Helicon’s new Voice Prism Plus Human Voice Modeling| Formant Processor, a full solution vocal processor for stage and studio - featuring the world's first professional implementation of Voice Modeling(tm) technology. Voice Modeling is essentially real-time resynthesis and reshaping of the human voice. It offers a variety of ways in which to process the vocal input, including the ability to add breath, growl, rasp, head and chest resonance, inflection or vibrato. "Voice Modeling is a revolutionary new tool which offers detailed craft and creative control over vocals far beyond anything anyone has ever heard or been able to accomplish before,” says Stephan Israel, International Marketing Manager of TC Electronic and TC-Helicon. "From simple vocal enhancement to radical transformation of the singing voice into an entirely different timbral character, the technology represents a momentous breakthrough for the audio industry worldwide. This will significantly impact the way vocals are performed and recorded, long into the future." Next after we get the mix just right here, we take the mixed version of your recording to our Alesis Masterlink 9600 two track stereo master CD recorder but, the ultimate "finishing tool" is a skilled, experienced mastering engineer working in a calibrated environment, capable of applying his/her experience and expertise to the creation of a superior, finished project. Alesis Masterlink® This is a wonderful format that's vying to be the standard. The best part about this recorder is that it makes standard, fully compatible wave files in CD ROM (ISO-9660) formats. This is a ubiquitous format that any CD ROM reader can read and most mastering houses can translate or play with an appropriate translation program. The recorder will support sample rates from 44.1 kHz-96 kHz, and make standard audio CDs as well as CD ROMs with 24-bit files. CD ROM (ISO-9660) with 24-bit Broadcast ready WAV files CD ROM is a very powerful, cross-platform interchange standard. At Heartland Recording Co.® we already have and are using the Pro Tools® Session format. We do not use tape of any format as this “even though called digital”; can cause flutter or other issues like jitters.

After we transfer your recording to CD, our engineers (and you the artist or artists) take it to several different listening devices that are for the most part where you and your audience will listen, like home entertainment systems, vehicles, or others of your choice. At this juncture, we have your approval. This insures that there won’t be any big disappointments when you get your production run recordings. So as you can see, your recording is pure digital to the finish. No, we don’t claim to be perfect but we are working day and night to get as close to it as we can. Our engineers and staff are Berklee® trained and will do their very best to make your project a pleasant and exciting experience.

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