Photo of DM-2000. Yamaha DM-2000 Digital Recording Console along with Pro Tools HD 2 is fast and accurate.
Photo of K2600X. Kurzweil’s K2600X 88key keyboard is simply phenomenal.
Photo of TD20 BK Drumset. Roland's TD20 BK Drum set is available to assure that we make your recording sound just as you desire.

T C Helicon's voice modeling machine can do things to lead vocals that will just blow you away. The effects are phenomenal.

We use a Robotic CD Duplicator and print-on CD Printer for low production runs.


1 Neumann M-147 Tube 1 AKG Solid Tube 1 Audio Technica 4033
1 EV RE-20 1 EV N757 1 EV ND-457
2 EV ND-408's 1 EV ND-308 4 EV ND-257 B's
1 Sennheiser - Profi-Power 2 Shure SM-81's 1 Shure SM-87
1 Shure Beta 58 1 Shure SM-57 1 Shure Pe-58
1 Yamaha MZ-105Be 1 Yamaha MZ-204 1 Yamaha MZ-205

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